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Learn how your own voice can do what 30 years of therapy can't! 

If you want to:

  • Learn how to use your voice as a powerful tool for healing unconscious blocks and trauma
  • ​Release stuck emotions and past hurt
  • ​Free yourself from guilt
  • ​Learn to authentically and freely express yourself
  • ​Move from your head into your heart
  • ​Truly forgive yourself and others
  • ​Learn to hear and channel your Inner Voice
  • ​Break free from negative patterns 
  • ​Live your life in joy & purpose
  • ​Heal trauma in all dimensions of time
  • ​Stop people pleasing and start living out of inspiration and flow
  • ​Learn how to use all of your relationships as a pathway to awakening

Frequently Asked Questions

 I can't sing. How will this ever work for me? 
Most people that I work with tell me that they can't sing. This proves the point that we completely lost touch with the healing power of our voice. No little child would ever tell you that they can't sing. You too once knew how to use your voice freely and authentically, if only as a little baby. But soon you learned to be still and 'be a good boy or girl.' Your inner voice was locked up and so was your inner child. 

Next, you absolutely don’t need ANY singing experience for Voice Liberation.
Voice Liberation is not about singing. It’s really about using the voice to break through the barriers we’ve built against the love we truly are. You will see that the more you'll break through unconscious blocks, the more free, warm and authentic your voice will become as well!  

 When will the program take place?
This is a pre-recorded program that you can take at your own time.  You will have life-long access to the program and all of the bonuses. 

 I've tried so many things. What is different about Voice Liberation?
With Voice Liberation we don't work on the surface level. We go straight to the core so real transformation can occur. The voice has the power to instantly bring us into deeper states of consciousness so we can work at the root of the problem where the true cause of whatever issue we are facing with lies. Whatever has been blocked and suppressed is then able to be released through the voice. 
 I'm afraid to make loud noises due to my neighbours/roommates 
 1. I have had students do the Voice Liberation sessions all silently in meditation while connecting to my voice. They all reported to have transformational experiences. I always say, 'My voice is your voice!' So even if you can't make a sound, you can connect to my voice and still get the healing benefits. 
2. It is possible to download all the sessions so you can do them offline. This way you can drive off somewhere where you feel safe to let loose and do the sessions there. 
3. I'm really inviting you to let everything be part of the sessions you'll be doing. So if there's fear of what the neighbours might think of you; use that fear! Feel where you feel that fear in your body and give sound to it. There are no mistakes. You are always in the perfect situation for healing. 

 What equipment do I need?
You will need a laptop/computer, and initially internet connection. You can also download the sessions so you can later do the sessions offline. It might also be nice to listen with headphones or speakers for a better sound experience, but this is not required. For some sessions you also need a pen and paper. 

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